Funniest murder mystery movie of all time!

These two will definitely have you laughing out loud every 5 minutes and if it doesn’t than you do not have a pulse. What is even better is that they both are clean family fun and yet not honey sappy. You just do not get movies like that anymore. Both are classic whodunnits set in a spooky old mansion at night with an appealing cast. When they all agree to it you know the script is worth it.

GUARANTEE: Watch and feel happy.

Clue – Based on the board game. Both films are better than their trailers.


Murder by Death By Neil Simon! It is a little difficult to choose but if I had to then I would suggest start with this one.


3 Halloween movies that you haven’t heard of

Halloween is fast approaching. Of course we need movies! 

Here is a list of three Halloween movies that you probably have never heard of but should definitely be on your list. They are not gross or too bloody because real terror never is. Real fear is when you can believe the terror you are seeing. Most of today’s (mainstream) horror relies only on screams, guts, and decapitation — so trite. After my extensive trial and test, these three will add to your frightful Halloween.

1. Ils

It’s the original one that Strangers ripped, which completely sucked. Even though it’s in French you won’t have to read much because there is very little conversation, just tight suspense. A newly together couple is terrorized by Ils (Them), all in the span of one night. You will definitely be on the edge of your seat.

2. Vacancy

Perhaps you’ve heard of this one. Again, a couple is terrorized in the span of one night but here it’s inside a motel that has vacancy. Don’t believe the negative reviews. Once it starts, it keeps rolling!

3. Vertige

Again French. Takes more time to develop but it’s setting is what made it work for me: group of friends mountaineering in a restricted zone in Croatia, with something behind them. However, the end is hard to believe. Similar to Wrong Turn but more entertaining.

Note: If I had already seen the very scary Spanish film [rec] then I might have mentioned that instead of the last one.

Also, a video for those interested to know the history of Halloween within 2 minutes!

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