Or SRSLY. as Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson call it. These two ladies make short, snappy videos loosely based on their semi-glam lives in New York. Funny stuff. They have more but these were the best so far.

Pillow talk gone wrong

Do YOU know when Harry met Sally?

Their most popular video yet.

Too much of a supportive friend

My favorite =)


5 songs for your next Quiet Time

Everyone needs some R&R: long grueling day, lost your keys, boss won’t stop hovering over you, spilled milk, or when it seems every friggin person got up in the morning just to get in your hair. Some quiet music helps.






Finally, even some Kenny G. You need to have talent to even become a cliche.

Easy listening

Long time no post. Partially due to exams but more so for other reasons. Ennui is a terrible thing.

Let me get back on the road with some easy listening, words that might represent my mood (past and perhaps future).


Billboard song sessions are always terrific. They give the same song such a warm, lived-in feeling.

If you like this then you might also try Young The Giant’s other more quiet track, Strings.


To conclude with something a little more optimistic; who cares if it features a woman that loves everything neon pink?

Lost keys

Words of Wisdom: if ever you lose your car keys in the middle of a busy market… check ALL your pockets first.

Before you start fretting and retrace all your steps to the bakery store you entered a minute ago, poke under each counter, before you leave your name and phone number with the owner, rummage through the sand and dirt on the pavement, embarrassingly call your sibling to come and deliver the spare key, or curse the moment you ever urged for a quick piece of cake… before you do any of this ritual… check ALL your pockets. That includes not just your jeans but also your jacket.

If you are not smart enough to do that on your own then listen to the kind advice of the homeless helping you find the keys. They might just ask, “did you check your jacket?”


Money or happiness?

The theme of the blog is not about personal stories but I feel I have to share this.

I’m in India right now. The big festive season is going on. Needed some more cash. So yesterday, two guys in their early thirties or late twenties were ahead of me as I was waiting in line to use the ATM. They had some trouble working the system  so they told me to go ahead. I withdrew a relatively sizable amount. Just as I was wondering to offer my help with their own withdrawal, the older of the two asked me to help him out. I did. His withdrawal… well, only as matter-of-fact, was the minimum allowed. That’s about $2. Even by India’s standards that does not go far.

A moment in the city, from my recent trip to Kashmir, India

Of course I keep a straight face. Still, the guy on his own starts to jokingly say that the total balance in his account is $6 and even the $2 was transferred yesterday just for the festivities.  I smile. Then he turns to the guy with him and says now this party is gonna’ be from you tonight. I smile again, wish him happy holidays, and wave goodbye as the shiny sunglasses perched atop my head reflect the afternoon sun and I run off to my gleaming parked car.

I carry on with the tight day but with a post-it in my head telling me to make something of this. So the conclusion was not a breathtaking revelation, we all know it, but to see it personified was very moving. These were simple young men working very hard to make their cut. It’s not a mystery what two bucks can bring yet they were so brimful of enthusiasm and fun… with more genuine comfort than anyone else I had met with that day.

Where does money fit into life?  Little can mean a lot, and a lot can seem little. Happiness is up to you.

Life in images

Today is just a referral to an amazing blog I found minutes ago. It is simple and beautiful. Simply beautiful. The quotes dispersed between the delightful photographs are very apt too. Steve McCurry’s blog. See what I mean.

Coming of Age


Fun and Games around the world

Check him out.