Two happy songs

Two songs sure to make you smile.

Feist’s music videos are one-shot wonders. There is something quite feminine and lyrical about her songs (so you’ve been warned). This Canadian is also part of the edgy and unique indie band Broken Social Scene.

Credit for introducing this song to me goes to Mr. Dave



Everything about the Norwegian duo Kings of Convenience is independent, smooth, and calm. I mean everything: vocals, music, music videos, and even the way they look. How do you dislike someone that comes up with a fantastic album title like Declaration of Dependence? It is hard to tell when which of the two stops singing and the other begins. As much as I admire all that, most of their songs seem to lack a defining catch — something that can attach the melody to your mind. I wish them well and hope that either they or I change our musical taste a bit.

From all their tracks, I’d Rather Dance With You is my favorite. Here everything that makes them unique fits perfectly. This has the catch!


Easy listening

Long time no post. Partially due to exams but more so for other reasons. Ennui is a terrible thing.

Let me get back on the road with some easy listening, words that might represent my mood (past and perhaps future).


Billboard song sessions are always terrific. They give the same song such a warm, lived-in feeling.

If you like this then you might also try Young The Giant’s other more quiet track, Strings.


To conclude with something a little more optimistic; who cares if it features a woman that loves everything neon pink?

Passion Pit new single

Passion Pit released their first single — Take a Walk —  from their new album Gossamer not too long ago and it is going viral. This one deserves it.

Get ready to hit repeat.

For those not acquainted with the band, they are about the most unique electro, synth, dance, indie pop band out there today. Their music really does cover so many genres that it is hard to describe. But why bother, just savor every bit of it!

The new album, set to be out on July 23, is

Seemingly inspired by the changes in their life brought about by their debut album and international touring, ‘Gossamer’ is said to be a more direct songwriting affair. “On ‘Gossamer’ there is more of a dichotomy between the lyrics and the music” Angelakos said recently.

“You hear my lyrics more precisely which is something I was ready for. The lyrics on this album have a lot to say about what the last two years of my life have been troubled with”.

Oh, and the reason for their interesting band name is to pay tribute to drive-in theaters, because of their privacy and romantic allure for teenagers.


My first love = Sleepyhead. This song is awesome on so many levels that it always manages to get me high. Somehow their most popular song yet, from their 2009 album Manners, does not have an official music video. However, this very well should be it! Quite impressive for something done over the weekend.

Some more amazing stuff by them. They can set a party feel in a minute!

1. I’ve Got Your Number

2. Little Secrets

3. Eyes As Candles

George Barnett – 17 Days

17 Days front cover by Mikey Welsh

The Brit was 17 when he wrote the tracks for the album. He also played many of instruments used — drums, bass, guitars, piano, trumpets, harmonica.  The dexterity reminds me of Gotye. 17 Days was “recorded in a bedroom, a living room, a bungalow, a church.”

There is a very fresh energy in this album — best of pop but swerved in a fresh organic energy. I don’t know what that means, but try some of my favorites from the album and you might find out.



To hear more tracks like Apocolade, The other girl interlude, Thoughts, and definitely the namesake track itself, 17 Days, wander over here.

Dance – the way it is

Continuing from the last post, here are some current music videos with… uhm.. spontaneous dance. Let’s call it that. Whatever it is, it puts a big smile on my face! The music itself is quite upbeat and cool.

Anna Sun is by far the best track from the indie band Walk the Moon’s debut album iwant! iwant! The first 2:40 minutes was shot in one take in Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine brewery district at the historic Mockbee building last year. Esquire magazine called Anna Sun song of the summer.

Another fine track from Walk the Moon is Shiver, shiver, shiver


I have no idea why I’m incriminating myself by posting something so tween-y but it’s OK, I obviously have no self respect.


Guillemots was formed by my favorite Fyfe Dangerfield in 2004 with band members coming from England, Scotland, Brazil and Canada. They started out rather unknown but I’m glad to say they are doing quite well.


Not very dancey but a fine song by the band.


Pop Friday

But before that, an excerpt from a thoughtful freshly pressed post at Truth and Cake:

 It gets even more complicated when we attempt to stack our aspirations on top of one another like building blocks. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the…you know the rest. Each building block affects the one below it, increasing the pressure. Commitment affects breezy love, babies affect commitment, personal fulfillment affects friendships, money affects everything.

Now for the pop.

1. Kind of irritating to read the same comment on almost all of Carly Rae Jepsen’s videos, “I can’t believe she’s 26! Looks 16!” However, I agree and am amazed myself. Prized genes. As for the artist, I see potential. The music has catchy bass and the video a different kind of end.

2. Leave it to Coldplay to come up with unique video concepts. They had already shot the video by Hype Williams but later decided to scrap that and do a new one with old collaborator Mat Whitecross. It really is the band members inside the pachyderm suits and it starts with Chris Martin, who also came up with the new video’s story. This is the band’s second song to reach no. 1 on the UK Singles chart after Viva La Vida in 2008. In the video, I laughed out at 1:12.

3. How does the missus compare…

4. My favorite (and only) Goldfrapp song. Shot in Addington Square in Camberwell, South London.  Whatever this guy is on… I want some!

Two tracks of the day

Easy and upbeat. Probably not the best description for these two songs but it’s close, although that is how I could describe many songs. They are not possible to embed here so below is a little preview and you can hear it full with a click.

Independence Day by The Working Hour


Picture This by HAM