3 random goldies from 3 big names

1. Elton John and Kiki Dee


2. The very seductive Ms. James!


3. The Wonder man


5 cool covers that almost outdo the original

Somehow I like to post covers of popular songs. I don’t intend to but I stumble across them (or madly search for a good alternative).

1. Original: Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

Cover: Glee. Everybody must have heard this already because it became Glee’s most popular download on iTunes ever. Perry herself admired it; said it made her cry. For anyone who cares to hear an acoustic version.

2. Original: Brother Louie – Hot Chocolate

Cover: Stories. This one was just 6 months after UK’s Hot Chocolate released their track in 1973 to get to the top ten in the UK singles chart. Yet the cover by Stories reached #1 on Billboard Hot 100 in USA. On a side note, Modern Talking’s Brother Louie has nothing to do with this, but has the same title.

3. Original: What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction.

Cover: Boyce Avenue. I know what you’re thinking… anything will be better than the original, but the truth is that Boyce is remarkable at acoustic renditions. They manage to make any song sound so gentle and romantic. These guys deserve a separate post of their own. They are also popular! They have already gone on worldwide tours.

4. Original:  Angel of the Morning – written and composed by Chip Taylor.

Cover: Juice Newton. It’s hard to say who made the very first release because of its complicated history. But to my ears nothing is better than Juice’s. Not Chip’s own version, not by Merrilee Rush, Olivia Newton John, Dusty Springfield, and dare I say it, not even Nina Simone. It got to #4 in the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 in the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in 1981.

Sadly, there are only 2 things that immediately come to my mind when I hear this artist’s name





5. Original: Someone Like You – Adele

Cover: Matt Jackson. Okay, this is not better, but it’s a nice variety in a male voice. This one was quite a challenge. Originally I was going to post youtube’s TheStrangerSpeaks version but due to copyright the video went private 😦 Anyway, Matt does a a pretty darn good job (the high parts need work).

Five songs from the 50s

Five songs that were big in the 50s and still remain hum worthy today. Tunes you are and some-probably-not familiar with.

Sing along now…


My brother’s choice, not mine.


Like it happens sometimes, the music director secretly record the practice version Doris was singing before the final and later told her that the rehearsal one is perfect, the best one she will ever sing, and all the records we hear today are from that rehearsal session. Won the best original song oscar from the film Calamity Jane (her attire during the song is quite questionable though).


Tiki huts would never have existed without this song.


Whose hungry?

Random awesome goldies

Been some time since I posted goldies. Other bloggers like Matthew from Music Court has a diverse poll contest of sorts on goldies albums going on right now. So, here are some songs that come to my mind.

1. Very clappy and happy. Reached #5 on the charts in 1964


2. You have to have heard it at sometime.


3. This takes the tempo down. Another classic.


4. This one you might not have heard but it has a very catchy melody. Written by Bowie but released by Mott the Hoople in 1972. Bowie’s version seems like the record player is stuck on drag; so the original is better. Rolling Stones magazine agrees with me because in 2004 they put it in 253 among a list of 500 greatest songs ever.

Funniest murder mystery movie of all time!

These two will definitely have you laughing out loud every 5 minutes and if it doesn’t than you do not have a pulse. What is even better is that they both are clean family fun and yet not honey sappy. You just do not get movies like that anymore. Both are classic whodunnits set in a spooky old mansion at night with an appealing cast. When they all agree to it you know the script is worth it.

GUARANTEE: Watch and feel happy.

Clue – Based on the board game. Both films are better than their trailers.


Murder by Death By Neil Simon! It is a little difficult to choose but if I had to then I would suggest start with this one.

5 Christmas songs you might have not heard

When it comes to Christmas I need classics. Jazzed-up new versions just won’t
do. So after many years of searching, here are 5 versions of famous Christmas music that have, for one reason or another, passed the hard test.

1. Ding Dong Merrily On High – King’s College Choir, Cambridge

It’s just so happy! Can’t get enough of those high notes descent. It HAS to be on my holiday playlist.

2.  Silent Night, Holy Night – Mahalia Jackson

Any other version will take a back seat once you hear this. So much conviction in her voice. When she sang this in Denmark’s national radio more than 20,000 requests for copies came pouring in. It also became one of the best-selling singles in the history of Norway.

3. Santa Baby – Miss Piggy

OK. So you already heard this but there are some songs that sound terrific on few other than the delectable muppets*.

4. Christmas Day – Dido

Her voice would naturally fit the season, angel-like and all. The song itself is also good. It’s the most contemporary track in my Christmas folder.

5. Auld Lang Syne – Keri Noble

There are so many excellent version of this little Scottish gem. But you’d have to search far and near to find a capella version better than this. Not a single instrument and yet can freeze you in your tracks. Think of visiting iTunes after this. Merry Christmas!


* Here is what I mean

Is covering classics alright? Three examples

Is it safe to cover a classic? Dangerous grounds, but if you can produce something like this, why not. Sometimes the cover offers a new perspective to it that wasn’t considered before. Rare, but it happens every now and then.Three examples.

1. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Original: A legend created by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. However, I always remember it by the Supremes + Temptations.

Cover: I know. I would have rolled my eyes too — what the heck can come close to this? Well, it can’t. But it offers something else. So what if it was publicized mainly because of a DHL commerical. Vula Melinga and Paul Epworth’s remake of this everyone’s-favorite does not detract a bit and is something I wouldn’t mind having in the same folder as Ms. Ross’s.


2. I Want To Hold Your Hand

Original: (You know.)

Cover: I’m going crazy, right? At least give T.V. Carpio from Across The Universe a try. Takes it in a whole different direction.


3. Bring Me Sunshine

Original: Morecambe and Wise. Their signature song during the end credits of their comedy show on the BBC in the 70s. 

Cover: Willie Nelson. Even if you have sway, plenty of street cred., and do it around the same time like our good ol’ Willie did, it still is a cover. It turned out to be one of his big hits reaching #13 on the U.S. Country charts. Brenda Lee’s cover was pretty darn good too.