Travel and dance

To travel and dance — anything more fun has to be dastardly.

14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands. We still don’t know Where the Hell is Matt! I’m sure he’s fine, he’s doing ads for Visa now.

In case you want to see the outtakes.

SPOILER: Read further after you’ve watched the video.

If you’re wondering how all the people joined him, then it was after the popularity of his first video that Stride gum took part. They both “networked” with the locals in each city  the next time he traveled (which Stride helped with) and arrange the place and time to meet. And everyone was so ready to shake a leg!



It’s hard to dislike much of anything about Scandinavia. Sometimes I think it is like Neverland but without pixies and with whaling, so I know it is not perfect. But I can dream.

Speaking of dream, Beach House provides fine examples of a genre called dream pop. Tranquil and airy. Try Zebra.

For a real treat, listen to their hit single Norway which is utterly spellbinding from 3:25 onwards; an excellent buildup to a perfect conclusion. You could also hear it as you watch the panoramic time lapse video on Norway.



PS. I laughed out so loud when I saw Jim Rash mimic the silly move by Angelina Jolie when she presented the Oscar. Definitely a highlight.

Joy and horror of French lovin’

Very mini book review of Me Talk pretty One Day by David Sedaris.

This is one book you definitely should glance through. I say glance because since the book is a compilation of several autobiographical essays, reading any one at random will still cause you to laugh out loud. That is the mildest guaranteed reaction.  If you believe milk can spew from your nose, that too.

It starts with his childhood in North Carolina with his firecracker of a family and progresses towards his meandering twenties. ”Part Deux” focuses on the later tribulations of learning French culture and its language after he moves to live in Paris with his partner.  Sedaris’s sharp observation of the mundane and remarkable ability to convert it into an enviable zany life is pure talent. His writing seems effortless, which always means it is not. No wonder his books have sold over 14 million copies.

Why not judge for yourself?

Listen to him read a chapter from the book. Learning French by a sadistic teacher and describing Easter in a handful of words never sounded so good.

Or read the very first chapter here.

A funny little interview with the man.

Do tourism ads work?

No. But this one does.

I have no idea why the tourism department of any country spends so much to make promotion campaigns when they end-up looking nothing but kitsch, bit vain, and largely a highlight reel that everyone already knows about! So what’s the point?

This one, somehow, succeeds to get the message across. I have certainly not seen much of India but so much genuine fun comes across here. If you’re still undecided, I don’t know what other campaign could make you want to visit India more than this. Full-on backpacker’s dream — in one minute!

Longer, HD version here.


Life in images

Today is just a referral to an amazing blog I found minutes ago. It is simple and beautiful. Simply beautiful. The quotes dispersed between the delightful photographs are very apt too. Steve McCurry’s blog. See what I mean.

Coming of Age


Fun and Games around the world

Check him out.

Unconventional tour of Real London

There are too many tourism ads for any big city, and London is no exception. This is different. It’s a glimpse into the everyday life of London and Londoners. No touch-ups, no airbrushes, no models. Just what it is.

My opinion: beautiful! Ordinary people just going about their day never looked cooler! If you ever wanted to visit the city, this will certainly capture your imagination.

Taken from just his seat in one of those iconic red buses, it’s shot from a regular HD camera. The music, Loud Pipes by Ratatat, fits so well too. Its editing is remarkable for this scale! Thank goodness his passenger-side window was spotless.