As close as I will get to gangsta’

Do you like dark humor (or is it called black comedy?) like me? My ideal version of such would be the twisted and extremely funny British film Death at a Funeral (the American version was actually the death of comedy). If you are not the touchy kind, please see it.

So if you are comfortable with that style then I recommend a more recent flick, again British, Attack The Block. Bunch of wannabe punk kids defend their shabby council building from alien “big, gorilla, wolf, *******” 😛 in the span of one long night. Varied characters, nothing too ridiculous, and once the pace starts around 19 minutes in, it does not stop. It even manages to follow Aristotle’s classical unities. Believe!

The film has a few funny scenes with cool beats. I could not digest the original song but it had some bits too ‘wicked’ to completely ignore, so I eventually found a satisfying remix to serve both worlds.


I think this is not gangsta’ but like the title of this post goes…  The only reason this song is here is for the cowbells at 0:37


Lastly, the moment has almost arrived!


3 movie soundtracks and Rhapsody for Orchestra

Some favorite instrumentals today.

1. The scariest bit from The Woman in Black, the perfect kind of horror.

2. From The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Ennio Morricone. Everyone’s heard the other tune from the film but this is just as captivating, if not more!

3. I know it has Mel but James Horner’s work in it is still good.


And now España, Rhapsody for Orchestra. It is the most famous orchestral composition by the French composer Emmanuel Chabrier.

Just music

Today it will be instrumental music.

First up is the opening/closing score from the film Carnage composed by Alexandre Desplat. The man is diverse. He has composed for my favorite my favorite like Syriana, Fantastic Mr Fox; remarkable ones like King’s Speech and The Queen (I yet have to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close); and even Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 1.

If you like strong character-driven movies without any special effects and sets, Carnage is your ticket. I enjoyed it a lot. You don’t know when the movie will end and after it does you leave wondering which character was the sane one? First appearances can be deceptive. With a cast full of Oscar winners (and a nominee) and a stellar director like Polanski you know it is something special. It will be a shame if Jodie does not get a nomination for this role.

From 2011 we go to a classic from the 50s. Patricia by Perez Prado. You must have heard it before, even if you haven’t.

Now we are back to 2007. On The Nature Of Daylight is a masterful composition by Max Richter; I will post more of his work later. The video is a ballet performance created by David Dawson for the first AIDS gala held in Munich in 2007. I have not seen enough of ballet to critique anything but the subtle and beautiful performance transpires to even novices.

Shake It Up!

Enough romance. Time to move!

I’m not a big fan of teen stars, but can’t hate them by default either… except Bieber, hate him all you want.

The Scene definitely have some very catchy music in their arsenal. This one is proof. It sure can make you wanna’ Shake It.

The music to play next time you go hunt your ex

Nothing makes hunting/stalking your ex for some sweet and deserving revenge better than a great piece of music to go with it. Please let me know who wins.

The Hunt – Mickey Hart; from the very cool Afro/tribal infused 1991 album, Planet Drum.