Happiest music video of 2011

Perhaps it is too late to still talk about 2011 but since I am mostly slow to catch-up I shall be excused.

Ben Howard is a relaxed folksy singer from quaint little Devon who released his debut Every Kingdom in September. It was well received by critics and the people (7 at the UK albums chart).

The best tracks from the album for me were only these two but I know the 23 year old definitely has potential to win my nods in the future.

Only Love is a soulful little romantic ballad. There is something in his accent (I hate using that word, sorry) in this particular track that makes it sound even better.  The official video’s more minimal version is better than the one in the album.

Keep Your Head Up reached 74 on the UK Singles chart. It also perhaps shows that the best incentive to get anyone to hike uphill is that they get to slip-n-slide all the way back down. This is definitely the get-happy video of last year… just look at how many bubbles it has.


Party song of the year!

So who cares if it was released last year! Since I found it this year, Raise Your Glass is definitely the party song of 2011. I’ve actually been waiting for the ‘right day’ to post this song. Seriously, just hear it!

At first I liked Glee’s smoother version more (the cool video helped) but having grown a bit tried after it played for the 50th time I decided to try the original again. Turns out this is Pink’s best song ever! Big words but true. You will just Have to dance to it. Which one do you like more?

Pink’s super funny video!! (clean track here)

Glee (video here)

Electric queen

Electric music never looked so stylish! The Irish singer is known for her unique style of electric music fused with enough pop and vocals to make it unlike the rest out there. Some see her as Europe’s answer to Lady Gaga. Well, she’s been playing long before Ms. Gaga had even conceived her moniker, and Róisín Murphy dresses just as… striking, but in a more classy way!

See for yourself. There are few people that can make dancing-without-a-clue look so cool.

My guiding elephant

We all need an elephant to get us through. Really. It will offer you something even better than a helping hand — a helping nose, that need-be can even sling you up on its throne-of-a-back a smooth ride across Monkey Avenue. Who doesn’t want that! Check the video is you want proof.

Lissie has sang many different versions of Everywhere I Go at different events, quite impromptu and natural. After much digging I have decided this is my favorite version. Definitely a spirit-raiser. Its words are universal and her voice resonates with wisdom. She even looks wise!

Keep moving

It’s from the 70s but doesn’t feel like it. Some places his voice even sounds like the Scissor Sisters. It is still so fresh, bouncy and uplifting. Can you picture it playing as you triumphantly walk out of the door of something long due? Nailing a new job, quitting a dead-end one, finally setting a date with a crush… or just telling him?

Move On Up – Curtis Mayfield. There’s a longer version too.


Fits so well if you’re going through a hard time or just reminiscing. Might as well keep it on repeat.

I’ve tried grasping Keane before, I really wanted to, but never succeeded. Something always didn’t fit. This one finally broke the spell.

Somewhere only we know – Keane.