100 posts Special!

WordPress tells me this is my 100th post. This calls for something special (because I don’t know when/if I’ll get to another e-milestone). So I have been saving this one.

Very dear and I am not even sure why. It is my parachute of tranquility and I deploy it sparingly. The lyrics don’t add up but strangely it does not matter to me. Only doubt is that sometimes I am not sure if the guitar riff at the end was necessary. Either way it’s a calm delight.

Blonde on Blonde by Nada Surf.


Piano covers

As the name suggests, today are three neat piano covers of popular songs. Each song presents so many versions to choose from; these were the finest.

Original: Wonderwall by Oasis. It always takes me to a better place. Noel Gallagher originally told it was written for his then-girlfriend but later said it was about “an imaginary friend who’s gonna’ come and save you from yourself.” To my own amazement, this cover was honest enough to be given a pedestal next to it.


Original: Fireflies by Owl City. The insomniac virtuoso has a fairy tale like story — small town Minnesota, making music in his parent’s basement, eventually signing up with Universal Republic — who made it without the help of a reality show. Fireflies is Adam Young’s most popular song yet having gone quadruple platinum. Very uplifting, also playful.


Original: Marry You by Bruno Mars. It is too popular and contemporary to write anything you don’t already know. I actually liked Glee’s version more than the original (good thing you don’t know my address) particularly from 0:40 to 1:06. It was tough but this is my favorite piano take.

Passion Pit new single

Passion Pit released their first single — Take a Walk —  from their new album Gossamer not too long ago and it is going viral. This one deserves it.

Get ready to hit repeat.

For those not acquainted with the band, they are about the most unique electro, synth, dance, indie pop band out there today. Their music really does cover so many genres that it is hard to describe. But why bother, just savor every bit of it!

The new album, set to be out on July 23, is

Seemingly inspired by the changes in their life brought about by their debut album and international touring, ‘Gossamer’ is said to be a more direct songwriting affair. “On ‘Gossamer’ there is more of a dichotomy between the lyrics and the music” Angelakos said recently.

“You hear my lyrics more precisely which is something I was ready for. The lyrics on this album have a lot to say about what the last two years of my life have been troubled with”.

Oh, and the reason for their interesting band name is to pay tribute to drive-in theaters, because of their privacy and romantic allure for teenagers.


My first love = Sleepyhead. This song is awesome on so many levels that it always manages to get me high. Somehow their most popular song yet, from their 2009 album Manners, does not have an official music video. However, this very well should be it! Quite impressive for something done over the weekend.

Some more amazing stuff by them. They can set a party feel in a minute!

1. I’ve Got Your Number

2. Little Secrets

3. Eyes As Candles

Best from Gotye’s Making Mirrors

I watched Somebody I Used to Know before but it struck my interest when I heard it the second time after it was posted on Mr. Beans’ blog (funny man, he is). So I decided to try more works by the quite popular Belgian-Australian singer, songwriter, vintage electronic keyboard collector.

I did not like the song In Your Light and I was happy to find he also considered it a piece of crud. The producers liked it and did not want to let it go so he made himself spend a week trying to write a new song each day so he could replace it.   A result of that is I Feel Better (love it, cool into) but In Your Light still remained. Oh well.

Here are 3 more of my favorites from the terrific album released last year.

“This is the first album where I’m proud of every lyric.” Indeed, all the words reflect so much experience and honesty.

Dig Your Own Hole

Easy Way Out

Save Me

And it is pronounced “gore-ti-yeah”.


It’s hard to dislike much of anything about Scandinavia. Sometimes I think it is like Neverland but without pixies and with whaling, so I know it is not perfect. But I can dream.

Speaking of dream, Beach House provides fine examples of a genre called dream pop. Tranquil and airy. Try Zebra.

For a real treat, listen to their hit single Norway which is utterly spellbinding from 3:25 onwards; an excellent buildup to a perfect conclusion. You could also hear it as you watch the panoramic time lapse video on Norway.



PS. I laughed out so loud when I saw Jim Rash mimic the silly move by Angelina Jolie when she presented the Oscar. Definitely a highlight.

Gushy romantic proposals

Valentine’s Day Special 5/8


So here are some sentimental, cotton candy laced pop tarts  kind of confessions of true love. Don’t forget, you score more points the more dramatic it is.

1. Friends: Chandler proposes to Monica.


2. This one is extra special because it is unscripted.


3. It does not work every time. At least he had a big plush man for consolation.


4. Beach proposal. The music makes it too mushy but the reaction seems honest.


5. Glee. I know, but it’s the wettest of ’em all. Very happy, upbeat song but the original is better. Proposal at end.

Party song of the year!

So who cares if it was released last year! Since I found it this year, Raise Your Glass is definitely the party song of 2011. I’ve actually been waiting for the ‘right day’ to post this song. Seriously, just hear it!

At first I liked Glee’s smoother version more (the cool video helped) but having grown a bit tried after it played for the 50th time I decided to try the original again. Turns out this is Pink’s best song ever! Big words but true. You will just Have to dance to it. Which one do you like more?

Pink’s super funny video!! (clean track here)

Glee (video here)