The beautiful forest

Absolutely stunning. It is difficult to imagine a paradise better than this.

Do view in full screen.


A short film written by Stephen Poliakoff and directed by Charles Sturridge to mark the 50th anniversary of World Wildlife Federation, the black and white panda people. The film made me sad and happy at the same time. A little delight.

To know more about its real stars you can visit here.


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Peter Pan runs through the jungle

A quirky release from Down Under. Jinja Safari’s most entertaining song and video yet. The carefree Australian band offers “dreamy folk pop,” and works in the Forest Rock genre. I don’t know what that means but I like it!

Peter Pan was the lead single from their self-titled EP last year. You understand how dreamy folk pop is an apt description for the track within seconds after you play it. No idea why they are running around with torches at twilight in a dense forest but Smokey the Bear is gonna’ be friggin mad! Maybe that’s who they are running from…