Know any good Arab jokes?

Yes, I know, dangerous territory. No one likes beating the underdog… but comedian Russel Peters does not mind. He also has a point.

A little R rated but funny.



Or SRSLY. as Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson call it. These two ladies make short, snappy videos loosely based on their semi-glam lives in New York. Funny stuff. They have more but these were the best so far.

Pillow talk gone wrong

Do YOU know when Harry met Sally?

Their most popular video yet.

Too much of a supportive friend

My favorite =)

Hard times

Stumbled across this funny blog today thanks to Mr. Beans.  It uses more color and less words for the lay folks like me. Yes!

Here is it what happens when the times get tough


Now for color from other corners of the web.

Difference between guys and girls


Expensive new way for rich people to look poor.

Funny Valentine’s Day comics

Valentine’s Day Special 6/8

Enough of the love sap. This is how Valentine’s Day really works. Some funny, little disturbing, and painfully true comics can illustrate. Click the image to go to source.