Piano covers

As the name suggests, today are three neat piano covers of popular songs. Each song presents so many versions to choose from; these were the finest.

Original: Wonderwall by Oasis. It always takes me to a better place. Noel Gallagher originally told it was written for his then-girlfriend but later said it was about “an imaginary friend who’s gonna’ come and save you from yourself.” To my own amazement, this cover was honest enough to be given a pedestal next to it.


Original: Fireflies by Owl City. The insomniac virtuoso has a fairy tale like story — small town Minnesota, making music in his parent’s basement, eventually signing up with Universal Republic — who made it without the help of a reality show. Fireflies is Adam Young’s most popular song yet having gone quadruple platinum. Very uplifting, also playful.


Original: Marry You by Bruno Mars. It is too popular and contemporary to write anything you don’t already know. I actually liked Glee’s version more than the original (good thing you don’t know my address) particularly from 0:40 to 1:06. It was tough but this is my favorite piano take.


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