Euro 2012 music and Love

National Stadium, Warsaw, Poland

Is anyone else watching the Euro 2012 games as intently as me? May the best team win (that does not have Christiano Ronaldo).

The music released for the games is seriously dismal. The official song is Endless Summer and, well… UEFA, next time don’t go cheap and just hire Shakira. Endless Summer is as cliched, insipid and forcibly patched up as they come; it is the musical equivalent of a TV dinner.

However, the Irish provided a silver lining. Their own official song Rocky Road to Ireland for the game is pretty darn catchy, even if a little too love-thy-country. This too is cliched but here it works. I don’t mean to be cruel but it is ironic to hear them chant “You can’t defeat the Irish” so many times and know their standing now. Hmmmm. But I wish them luck for the next games… how can I not when an entire country has an accent like that!?


I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li is not an official song but one of the songs from the Euro 2012 game’s soundtrack. I am impressed!

If you have not heard it until now, you Will have to press ‘repeat’. Its video is cool too, literally, though I laughed the first time I saw the woman run — don’t flap your arms!

The Woman In Black in Siberia.


Lastly, and agreeably out of place, here is a delightful animated story on love I found on All About Lemon.


2 responses to “Euro 2012 music and Love

    • England did play quite well this time — what a change from the last World Cup! They bounced back even after an own-goal; seems like they’re jinxed cause they had similar very unique troubles in the 2010 world cup.

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