Two happy songs

Two songs sure to make you smile.

Feist’s music videos are one-shot wonders. There is something quite feminine and lyrical about her songs (so you’ve been warned). This Canadian is also part of the edgy and unique indie band Broken Social Scene.

Credit for introducing this song to me goes to Mr. Dave



Everything about the Norwegian duo Kings of Convenience is independent, smooth, and calm. I mean everything: vocals, music, music videos, and even the way they look. How do you dislike someone that comes up with a fantastic album title like Declaration of Dependence? It is hard to tell when which of the two stops singing and the other begins. As much as I admire all that, most of their songs seem to lack a defining catch — something that can attach the melody to your mind. I wish them well and hope that either they or I change our musical taste a bit.

From all their tracks, I’d Rather Dance With You is my favorite. Here everything that makes them unique fits perfectly. This has the catch!


2 responses to “Two happy songs

    • Calgary’s finest Feist… sounds fun. I’m hearing the album preview right now and one thing they all seem to have in common is light feel with more vocal and less emphasis on music. So far so good.

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