Dance – the way it is

Continuing from the last post, here are some current music videos with… uhm.. spontaneous dance. Let’s call it that. Whatever it is, it puts a big smile on my face! The music itself is quite upbeat and cool.

Anna Sun is by far the best track from the indie band Walk the Moon’s debut album iwant! iwant! The first 2:40 minutes was shot in one take in Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine brewery district at the historic Mockbee building last year. Esquire magazine called Anna Sun song of the summer.

Another fine track from Walk the Moon is Shiver, shiver, shiver


I have no idea why I’m incriminating myself by posting something so tween-y but it’s OK, I obviously have no self respect.


Guillemots was formed by my favorite Fyfe Dangerfield in 2004 with band members coming from England, Scotland, Brazil and Canada. They started out rather unknown but I’m glad to say they are doing quite well.


Not very dancey but a fine song by the band.


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