Are Americans stupid? News, election, freedom, and hysterical laughter

Today is about news, so I’ve brightly painted the Exit signs in advance.

I'm the guy in red

It is difficult to pick one particular piece that’s good by George Monbiot, writer and journalist for The Guardian. He is the last person you would want to debate with because he knows his stuff and the good thing he is on our side. In this column he talks about how “libertarianism, once a noble impulse, become synonymous with injustice?”

Time magazine often has special covers for its US issue. Are Americans stupid? What do you think.


Since no matter where you live you will be bombarded with US presidential race, why not refresh on how it breaks down. Here is a quick rundown of US Primary elections (delegates and super delegates), the Electoral College (winner takes all, no popular vote) and how both are ridiculously flawed. You can become president with just 24% of the popular vote! Three times in American history the candidate with more votes actually lost because of the Electoral College.

To leave with a lighter, more hopeful thought: it’s OK to make a fool of yourself.

Who is the Roman Goddess of love? =)  : ) )



2 responses to “Are Americans stupid? News, election, freedom, and hysterical laughter

  1. Just swinging through and visiting all the people who stopped by and commented on my Stallone/Schwarzenegger post last week 😀 I was happy to see this post, made me laugh.

    As an American? I can say… Yes. Yes, we are.

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