Best from Gotye’s Making Mirrors

I watched Somebody I Used to Know before but it struck my interest when I heard it the second time after it was posted on Mr. Beans’ blog (funny man, he is). So I decided to try more works by the quite popular Belgian-Australian singer, songwriter, vintage electronic keyboard collector.

I did not like the song In Your Light and I was happy to find he also considered it a piece of crud. The producers liked it and did not want to let it go so he made himself spend a week trying to write a new song each day so he could replace it.   A result of that is I Feel Better (love it, cool into) but In Your Light still remained. Oh well.

Here are 3 more of my favorites from the terrific album released last year.

“This is the first album where I’m proud of every lyric.” Indeed, all the words reflect so much experience and honesty.

Dig Your Own Hole

Easy Way Out

Save Me

And it is pronounced “gore-ti-yeah”.


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