George Barnett – 17 Days

17 Days front cover by Mikey Welsh

The Brit was 17 when he wrote the tracks for the album. He also played many of instruments used — drums, bass, guitars, piano, trumpets, harmonica.  The dexterity reminds me of Gotye. 17 Days was “recorded in a bedroom, a living room, a bungalow, a church.”

There is a very fresh energy in this album — best of pop but swerved in a fresh organic energy. I don’t know what that means, but try some of my favorites from the album and you might find out.



To hear more tracks like Apocolade, The other girl interlude, Thoughts, and definitely the namesake track itself, 17 Days, wander over here.


Hard times

Stumbled across this funny blog today thanks to Mr. Beans.  It uses more color and less words for the lay folks like me. Yes!

Here is it what happens when the times get tough


Now for color from other corners of the web.

Difference between guys and girls


Expensive new way for rich people to look poor.

Dance – the way it is

Continuing from the last post, here are some current music videos with… uhm.. spontaneous dance. Let’s call it that. Whatever it is, it puts a big smile on my face! The music itself is quite upbeat and cool.

Anna Sun is by far the best track from the indie band Walk the Moon’s debut album iwant! iwant! The first 2:40 minutes was shot in one take in Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine brewery district at the historic Mockbee building last year. Esquire magazine called Anna Sun song of the summer.

Another fine track from Walk the Moon is Shiver, shiver, shiver


I have no idea why I’m incriminating myself by posting something so tween-y but it’s OK, I obviously have no self respect.


Guillemots was formed by my favorite Fyfe Dangerfield in 2004 with band members coming from England, Scotland, Brazil and Canada. They started out rather unknown but I’m glad to say they are doing quite well.


Not very dancey but a fine song by the band.


Dance – the way it used to be

Some golden songs with timeless moves by none other than the master himself: Fred Astaire.

This is one of those songs that you think you have known even before you were in your birthday suit. Because it’s that familiar I never paid attention to the words until now. Delight.


It is said Smooth Criminal‘s video is inspired by this.



This one does not have dance but thought it was worth one listen.

Festival of colors… in images

Just came across this. Most of you must have heard of the Indian festival of Holi, celebrated to mark spring and triumph of good over evil. You get to play with a whole rainbow of wet and dry colors… soak and smear everyone you love (and don’t 😉 ), rich or poor, old and young, man or woman. All equal for one day. Though it is not for another 11 months, here is a nice video but absolutely stunning images of how Holi was celebrated around the world last year. Fun!



Add some color to life

Are Americans stupid? News, election, freedom, and hysterical laughter

Today is about news, so I’ve brightly painted the Exit signs in advance.

I'm the guy in red

It is difficult to pick one particular piece that’s good by George Monbiot, writer and journalist for The Guardian. He is the last person you would want to debate with because he knows his stuff and the good thing he is on our side. In this column he talks about how “libertarianism, once a noble impulse, become synonymous with injustice?”

Time magazine often has special covers for its US issue. Are Americans stupid? What do you think.


Since no matter where you live you will be bombarded with US presidential race, why not refresh on how it breaks down. Here is a quick rundown of US Primary elections (delegates and super delegates), the Electoral College (winner takes all, no popular vote) and how both are ridiculously flawed. You can become president with just 24% of the popular vote! Three times in American history the candidate with more votes actually lost because of the Electoral College.

To leave with a lighter, more hopeful thought: it’s OK to make a fool of yourself.

Who is the Roman Goddess of love? =)  : ) )


Best from Gotye’s Making Mirrors

I watched Somebody I Used to Know before but it struck my interest when I heard it the second time after it was posted on Mr. Beans’ blog (funny man, he is). So I decided to try more works by the quite popular Belgian-Australian singer, songwriter, vintage electronic keyboard collector.

I did not like the song In Your Light and I was happy to find he also considered it a piece of crud. The producers liked it and did not want to let it go so he made himself spend a week trying to write a new song each day so he could replace it.   A result of that is I Feel Better (love it, cool into) but In Your Light still remained. Oh well.

Here are 3 more of my favorites from the terrific album released last year.

“This is the first album where I’m proud of every lyric.” Indeed, all the words reflect so much experience and honesty.

Dig Your Own Hole

Easy Way Out

Save Me

And it is pronounced “gore-ti-yeah”.