Random awesome goldies

Been some time since I posted goldies. Other bloggers like Matthew from Music Court has a diverse poll contest of sorts on goldies albums going on right now. So, here are some songs that come to my mind.

1. Very clappy and happy. Reached #5 on the charts in 1964


2. You have to have heard it at sometime.


3. This takes the tempo down. Another classic.


4. This one you might not have heard but it has a very catchy melody. Written by Bowie but released by Mott the Hoople in 1972. Bowie’s version seems like the record player is stuck on drag; so the original is better. Rolling Stones magazine agrees with me because in 2004 they put it in 253 among a list of 500 greatest songs ever.


2 responses to “Random awesome goldies

  1. Mott the Hoople, Have that record around here somewhere. Hardly anyone knows they did that song before Bowie (he wrote it for them). Sweet Jane was another great tune on the album. Mick Ronson, mick ralphs and Ian Hunteramong others. great band.

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