Pop Friday

But before that, an excerpt from a thoughtful freshly pressed post at Truth and Cake:

 It gets even more complicated when we attempt to stack our aspirations on top of one another like building blocks. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the…you know the rest. Each building block affects the one below it, increasing the pressure. Commitment affects breezy love, babies affect commitment, personal fulfillment affects friendships, money affects everything.

Now for the pop.

1. Kind of irritating to read the same comment on almost all of Carly Rae Jepsen’s videos, “I can’t believe she’s 26! Looks 16!” However, I agree and am amazed myself. Prized genes. As for the artist, I see potential. The music has catchy bass and the video a different kind of end.

2. Leave it to Coldplay to come up with unique video concepts. They had already shot the video by Hype Williams but later decided to scrap that and do a new one with old collaborator Mat Whitecross. It really is the band members inside the pachyderm suits and it starts with Chris Martin, who also came up with the new video’s story. This is the band’s second song to reach no. 1 on the UK Singles chart after Viva La Vida in 2008. In the video, I laughed out at 1:12.

3. How does the missus compare…

4. My favorite (and only) Goldfrapp song. Shot in Addington Square in Camberwell, South London.  Whatever this guy is on… I want some!


3 movie soundtracks and Rhapsody for Orchestra

Some favorite instrumentals today.

1. The scariest bit from The Woman in Black, the perfect kind of horror.

2. From The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Ennio Morricone. Everyone’s heard the other tune from the film but this is just as captivating, if not more!

3. I know it has Mel but James Horner’s work in it is still good.


And now España, Rhapsody for Orchestra. It is the most famous orchestral composition by the French composer Emmanuel Chabrier.

Jews and Muslims

Feels dangerous to even write that heading. So I don’t know how David Baddiel could write such a sharp and funny comedy like The Infidel. The 2 year old movie talks about a Muslim man living in London’s East End who discovers one day that he was adopted… and his birth parents were Jewish, which somehow really makes him one too. So he tries to become a Jew, or his understanding of it, and that is where the the constant humor lies. Many laugh out loud scenes — a woman hip hopping in an abaya comes to mind.

It talks about all the stereotypes each religion faces in an easy but direct way and how, an ending we see coming, we’re not really that different after all. I don’t know why IMDB does not give it a better rating but it is terrific and definitely worth a watch.


Random awesome goldies

Been some time since I posted goldies. Other bloggers like Matthew from Music Court has a diverse poll contest of sorts on goldies albums going on right now. So, here are some songs that come to my mind.

1. Very clappy and happy. Reached #5 on the charts in 1964


2. You have to have heard it at sometime.


3. This takes the tempo down. Another classic.


4. This one you might not have heard but it has a very catchy melody. Written by Bowie but released by Mott the Hoople in 1972. Bowie’s version seems like the record player is stuck on drag; so the original is better. Rolling Stones magazine agrees with me because in 2004 they put it in 253 among a list of 500 greatest songs ever.

A peek at the 90s

There’s something light blue jeans about 90s music, it does not fit at all occasions like dark blue does but you still hold on to it for those carefree days. Today is a carefree day.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Something


Brighter than Sunshine – Aqualung. (I will Not post the Kutcher version.)


Breathless – The Corrs