1 minute photography tips

.. by none other than Steve McCurry, or the guy who took this picture

The Afghan Girl

Here are his 7 humble, experienced and usable tips on photography. Each is about a minute long. For me they essentially all talk about finding your voice, staying curious, and being human.

1. Don’t forget to say hello


2. Unusual vantage points


3. How to fit in


4. Follow your noooose


5. Honesty and Humor


6. Don’t think too much


7. Solitary endeavor

4 responses to “1 minute photography tips

  1. Steve McCurry is a brilliant photographer, I went to Birmingham of all places to see an exhibition of his work and was totally bowled over. Thanks for sharing the tips, if they improve my photographs by even a miniscule amount I’ll be pleased!

    • You welcome. To see an exhibition must be a completely different feeling than going through his blog posts :(. I hope to see an exhibition of his sometime, or better yet take one of his “master classes”.

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