It’s hard to dislike much of anything about Scandinavia. Sometimes I think it is like Neverland but without pixies and with whaling, so I know it is not perfect. But I can dream.

Speaking of dream, Beach House provides fine examples of a genre called dream pop. Tranquil and airy. Try Zebra.

For a real treat, listen to their hit single Norway which is utterly spellbinding from 3:25 onwards; an excellent buildup to a perfect conclusion. You could also hear it as you watch the panoramic time lapse video on Norway.



PS. I laughed out so loud when I saw Jim Rash mimic the silly move by Angelina Jolie when she presented the Oscar. Definitely a highlight.


8 responses to “Norway

      • I really love Holy Dances. I think you would too. I’m already getting a feel for what you like. You like innocent, sweet, sounds…positive and charming. Am I right?

      • I laughed out loud when I read this. Yes, I think I like sounds like that, also weird upbeat stuff like almost any song by Mika. Big Mika fan.

      • I enjoyed Let’s Rock The Beach. I was waiting for the words to kick in any second but they do a fine job without any. I must check more by Real Estate now.

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