Stephen Fry and the ways of the jungle

It is difficult to not admire something about Stephen Fry. If his humor, presentation, wit, acting, or writing don’t work for you… how about his cuddleability? Some how I feel no one will be harmed if they approach him on the street and give him a big hug.

Got to know about this interview thanks to ManchesterLab. Stephen talks with Tony Jones on Australia’s telly show Late Line last year. Topics include everything from Steve Jobs, Christopher Hitchens, Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), population, atheism, being gay, Christianity, evolution, science, groupy who wants to have his baby, zoology, and other usual stuff. He does go off the topic sometimes but cuddly people are allowed this much.

You can jump to my favorite 8 minutes of the interview from 16:00 to 24:30 on the unforgettable ride of sleeping in a jungle and how animals learn to forgive humans. Wonderful stuff.


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