Don’t go bananas over apple — the real Steve Jobs

Most of the buzz around Steve Jobs and his wondrous contribution to the world has gone now but I still think it useful to keep things in perspective on the man. He was not a messiah, crusader, or even a genius. He was just very good at what he did.

Apple does not come out with the smartest products. They tweak things that are already out and capitalize on their cool underdog factor.

He was an innovator, not inventor. He was temperamental and could get loud and rude with friends, colleagues, or even nurses.

He borrowed the characteristic features of the Macintosh—the mouse and the icons on the screen—from the engineers at Xerox PARC, after his famous visit there, in 1979. The first portable digital music players came out in 1996. Apple introduced the iPod in 2001.

This is from a piece in The New Yorker by none other than Malcom Gladwell on the other side of Jobs.

I have nothing against the man. It was sad the way he passed but it is still important to see all the sides of something.


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