5 very romantic songs for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Special 7/8

Coming back to my roots today: music.

I’ve saved this one. What better time than now to introduce (on this blog) the princess who mostly sings romance? I present: Ingrid Michaelson.

She is no newbie. She has released five studio albums since 2005 and her latest, Human Again, came out just 3 weeks ago. Her songs have been featured on shows like Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, The Big C, Brothers and Sisters; in ad campaigns by Google; and in events like ice dancing, and thanks to my brother that is how I first got to know about her.

Her voice might not reach peaks but it feels genuine. There is understanding and honesty, and her lyrics stem from experience. You can visualize so many things listening to it. So, below are five of my favorite songs by Ingrid.

1. A cover, yet remarkable, Can’t Help falling In Love

2. Keep Warm, from her new album.

3. You and I, a funny happy duet with her producer Dan Romer.

4. All Love

5. And my favorite, The Way I Am

4 responses to “5 very romantic songs for Valentine’s Day

    • Good memory. I did not see that commercial but it is on wiki that the song was used for it. I can only think of happy warm, happy thoughts anytime I hear the song.

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