Perfect movie for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Special 4/8

There are many romantic comedies out there so I won’t talk about the ones everyone knows about. Instead here is one that might have gone unnoticed: How Do You Know.


As you can guess the movie is all about answering this most haunting question. Is there an Aha! moment? Is there a lauded public declaration? What are the signs? Do you feel like when you’ve had a tub of popcorn when you see her? Do you feel perennial goosebumps? Do you have to look at your watch or purse when you’re near him? Or do you just check your posterior for any pink heart-shaped arrows?

In real life there are no clear answers or sensations that tell you when he is not Mr. Right or she is The One. Who to dump is confusing too. And that’s where the movie shines from most other flicks. It’s so believable.

That’s what the director is know for too. James L. Brooks has a knack for making multi-dimension characters that are not all bad nor all good. Just like his other directorial Oscar friendly movie As Good As It Gets (which if you have not seen you definitely should).

How Do You Know received mixed reviews. I can understand that because this is not your average Ashton Kutcher-esque rom-com — this is actually about louve, which means there is humor, romance, lot of awkward moments, and the beautiful banal. You’ll laugh and have a good time!

So get snuggy under the blankets and hit play. It might help you answer the question… or leave you feeling more confused.


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