Jon Stewart likes Republicans too

Since you will draw this conclusion yourself, I will make it clear:


Seriously, he is the ideal man in almost every way possible. [I know the situation is bad for him  now, though.]



Here is why even Jon Stewart likes this Republican

And here is Jon talking with Bill O’Reilly like you’ve never seen him before! Nice!


2 responses to “Jon Stewart likes Republicans too

  1. Stewart is known as a liberal, but actually has a history of liking Republicans, with the most obvious example being his close (TV) relationship with John McCain before McCain took a very hard-right turn. Stewart has also spoken in the past about voting for Republicans. I think that was for the first George Bush, but am not sure. In any case, it’s only in the U.S. that criticism of the Iraq War and a suggestion that homosexuals be treated equally is turned into the idea that someone is some sort of raving liberal.

    • I had no idea Stewart had a history of Republican leanings. And he and McCain were friends! I just googled that and you’re right McCain was considered a friend of the show earlier. Basically I think the whole point of favoring your side is ridiculous really. We should choose issues, not sides. Anyway, thanks for the visit.

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