Cool Coke commercials

Not much of a post today really since anyone with a television has seen these too many times already. But when has that stopped me?

Here are some cool ads for perhaps The best drink out there: coca cola. (I don’t mean the diet crap.) Anything that can survive for 125 years and still dominate deserves three-spooky-slow claps. I mean who cares if it initially had a little cocaine which delivered its earlier promise of a stress relief.

From the Superbowl ads we have finally understood the spitefulness of bugs and the fascinating workings of a vending machine. This old jingle is sadly linked to Christmas for me; kind of proves my Christmases are too commercialized.

Reusing a old ad to make a new one. It works. The old being History of Celebration during FIFA 2010.

One thing ad agencies can’t resist: colas and puppy love.

Reasons to Believe 🙂 Don’t look too deep into the statistics or it will spoil the fun. They’ve used the theme for different countries.

And last of all, until now…

Next time I do an ads post I promise less sap and more humor.


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