Happiest music video of 2011

Perhaps it is too late to still talk about 2011 but since I am mostly slow to catch-up I shall be excused.

Ben Howard is a relaxed folksy singer from quaint little Devon who released his debut Every Kingdom in September. It was well received by critics and the people (7 at the UK albums chart).

The best tracks from the album for me were only these two but I know the 23 year old definitely has potential to win my nods in the future.

Only Love is a soulful little romantic ballad. There is something in his accent (I hate using that word, sorry) in this particular track that makes it sound even better.  The official video’s more minimal version is better than the one in the album.

Keep Your Head Up reached 74 on the UK Singles chart. It also perhaps shows that the best incentive to get anyone to hike uphill is that they get to slip-n-slide all the way back down. This is definitely the get-happy video of last year… just look at how many bubbles it has.


6 responses to “Happiest music video of 2011

      • Lori and I were listening to the cut you posted and the first part reminded us of Danny Michel. Good tune, downloaded to iPod, thanks. Luc Doucet has his own band as well, they were just on stage at the same time for this one.

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