Versatile Blogger Award – you like me, you really like me!

What a way to jump-start the new year! I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!

All thanks to the wonderful Joe Beans 2002, better known as John Phillips, but I like Beans so much more. It feels strange to be nominated when it seems there are so many more talented bloggers out there. However, I accept it with a big grin. I know it is too obvious for me to praise the man who nominated me but in all honesty his blog is so interesting. Posts involve chin-rubbing-new and comforting familiar. They are varied, short, easy-structured, and mostly about music and travel! It’s win-win.

Now as the protocol goes, I am to nominate 15 other awesome bloggers, inform them, and mention 7 interesting (embarrassing) facts about me. Here goes:

1. Thaino’s Blog

A young enthusiastic “man-child” English teacher had his dream come true when he was accepted for teaching students in China. His blog is perhaps the oldest wordpress blog I keep checking time-to-time (he had an earlier one on his tutelage adventures in England too). Sharp and witty with a more strange sense of humor that I just love. If only I had English teachers like that.

2. Literarydormouse

A hopeful writer studying literature in University in Bristol, UK. He makes writing poetry seem too easy (I have to read it twice) but just don’t think of lifting any of his work as he so candidly warns on the sidebar :).

3. Maximum Wage

Always a delight to visit because of the funny images in each post. Few things will give you a smile under 30 seconds like this.

4. Music Court

A terrific find just made thanks to Joe Beans’ list. It is easy to tell Matthew knows what he is talking about, from goldies to the very latest. I just wish I could describe the technical makeup of a song as well as he does. He makes me look bad!

5. Steve McCurry’s blog

The photographer extraordinaire. Most famous work of his would be capturing the Afghan Girl. Each one of his photographs is a magnifying glass towards an aspect of being human. He was given to shoot the last ever Kodachrome reel manufactured! Needless to say, he’s a legend.

6. Joel and Michael Meadows

I’m sorry to put two bloggers together but I suspect this listing is supposed to be around wordpress users only and they both are nestled at Travel Blog. I still had to mention them. Each has such a fresh and acute perception while on his cool backpacking adventures. The constant humor helps. The brothers cover a sort of different region (almost as if intentional) of the world so you might find something fun on each one. Like Michael’s 45 hour achy-in-all-the-wrong-places ride on Indian public transport or Joel’s smooth impromptu dance at a 10-minute-old friend’s wedding in Tunisia.

7. Mixxed Tape

Just another college girl on the quest to get healthy and happy… is how she describes herself. Nearly all posts concern scrumptious food. The terrific part is her recipes are so wholesome but doable. The absolute best part, though, are the mouthwatering photos she takes of each temptation. Visit just for the photos if nothing else.

8. Admit one

There are a lot of movie review websites out there. Being a self-anointed tough critic myself who always struggles to find a decent film to watch in any genre, this is  a super blog. Really. The range of movies are diverse, thoroughly observed, and never swayed by popular opinion.

9. River Under Water

Colleen Ponce is one mighty talented sketch artist! Incredible what can be achieve in B&W and with zero special effects.

10. Deidra Alexander

A funny writer who has certainly received this nomination in multiples of tens perhaps, yet, I would like to annoy her by adding to that number.

11. Peg-o-Leg

Another funny lady who blogs (can’t get enough of them). See her sly take on the daily little things we all face, like the complications with the English language.

12. Just-in-Time

A story of travel told in pictures. The pictures are evocative enough to convey a message without even reading anything. Here’s proof.

13. Chasing the wild goose

Simple little original comic and quotes. If only more things in life could be as easy and amusing…

14. Journalist on the run

She has had quite a life so far and it appears she is intent on building upon it. Janet’s blog is fairly new to me but it seems heartfelt.

15. 365 Captures

A popular concept that is also ingenious — take one amazing photograph each day for 1 year. Let’s see if 2012 will see this undertaking come true for her. From the looks of it, it should be a cool ride.


Now, 7 facts about myself.

1. I work tremendously well with the carrot and stick approach. The hope for a little reward goes a long way with me but I mostly get started when the stick is about 1 inch away.

2. I like to blow bubbles… even in a public park… in winter. 

3. I’m a little (cough) obsessed with Simon Reeve.

4. I don’t long for the “good old days.” I’m quite content and in-terms with today.

5. I’m terrible at making interesting facts list.

6. Spontaneity is not my forte. I can plan too much. However, I entirely blame my circumstances… since the last 8 years. It’s getting old.

7. I’ve just been told that I like to “squint when being squeezed.” He meant hugged!


Have a wonderful 2012!

12 responses to “Versatile Blogger Award – you like me, you really like me!

  1. Well hello there!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence in my writing, much appreciated!

    Also a big cheers for the previous comments – apologies for not responding in kind previously but I’m a bit crap.



    • So you DO check your blog now and then! Good that’s cleared :). I’m happy you’re back Thaino and hope to read much more of your delightful little opinions (or rants). Keep them coming, please!!

  2. Thanks for the feedback about my mazes. I don’t know how to setup a rss feed but I didn’t realize that was something I could do. If you have any knowledge on how to set one up please let me know and I will add it to my site asap. Thanks for the idea.

    • Hi Warren. Thanks for considering the RSS idea. It’s very simple to do, just go to your Widgets page (from the Appearance option on the left) and drag the widget named ‘RSS Links’ to your sidebar on the right. That’s pretty much it.

  3. Thanks a million! I will be sure to carry on the tradition! Im also loving reading all the other blogs you awarded, its a great way to find interesting blogs to read!

    • You’re welcome and it’s terrific of you Janet to carry on the torch; it made me better realize what and who I like. I found a few very cool blogs because of this award myself.

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  5. The Boy!

    Odd request for you! I have just updated the domain for my travel blog, it used to be and now it is

    I can see that you link to me on this page (big thanks for that Versatile blogger ward!) and I was wondering if you could very kindly update the link!

    Thank you so much for your time and happy travels! x

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