Sound of 2011

I know. Long time no see. I just did not feel up to it and also because I had not found any music cool enough. Enter: Jamie Woon!

The BBC released Sound of 2011 with 10 names. He is among the top 5, as are the other two artists here. After listening to almost all of Jamie’s songs so far I’ve decided  Blue Truth is his best. His style mostly revolves around soul and R&B with smooth vocals but Blue Truth lends more from dubstep. This is the best track to introduce the man. What’s more? You can download it for free from his website!

If you like this you can also try a short instrumental of his big early hit Night Air.


James Blake knows what he wants. A real trendsetter (though not sure how many will follow his style). I knew about him before but seeing him on the list reminded me I did not talk about him yet.

Either you like him or you don’t. Nothing in-between. It’s hard to even describe his songs. The album cover image below can give you a hint. Nothing conventional about it. Instead of his vocals it is his totally different production technique and finish that makes him unmistakably standout from the industry. That’s something. Again, the best track to introduce the man is not the super popular Wilhelm Scream but I Only Know (What I Know Now).

Whether you will like him or not, you should definitely give him a try at least once.


Also on the list is Clare Maguire. I see her as a British Katy Perry. So… you decide if you want to click play.


4 responses to “Sound of 2011

    • I’m happy you liked them! I’m still in my bitten phase, I need to hear Blue Truth and even The Last Dance at least once in 24hrs. I’ll calm down in a day or until something else replaces it. I’m a bit slow, so to be clear, by “her” you mean Clare Maguire is much better than Katy? I think so too.

      • Yep, her is Clare. Katy has a nice (great) voice, just not into the production and song choices. I’m thinking Clare has the potential to move into the Adele, Amy, Joss Stone type of soul singing. The voice for it is there.

      • Whoa! That is some compliment. Clare does have a resounding voice. If Katy can’t give nearly as good live performances then you know she sleeps with autotune under her pillow.

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