5 Christmas songs you might have not heard

When it comes to Christmas I need classics. Jazzed-up new versions just won’t
do. So after many years of searching, here are 5 versions of famous Christmas music that have, for one reason or another, passed the hard test.

1. Ding Dong Merrily On High – King’s College Choir, Cambridge

It’s just so happy! Can’t get enough of those high notes descent. It HAS to be on my holiday playlist.

2.  Silent Night, Holy Night – Mahalia Jackson

Any other version will take a back seat once you hear this. So much conviction in her voice. When she sang this in Denmark’s national radio more than 20,000 requests for copies came pouring in. It also became one of the best-selling singles in the history of Norway.

3. Santa Baby – Miss Piggy

OK. So you already heard this but there are some songs that sound terrific on few other than the delectable muppets*.

4. Christmas Day – Dido

Her voice would naturally fit the season, angel-like and all. The song itself is also good. It’s the most contemporary track in my Christmas folder.

5. Auld Lang Syne – Keri Noble

There are so many excellent version of this little Scottish gem. But you’d have to search far and near to find a capella version better than this. Not a single instrument and yet can freeze you in your tracks. Think of visiting iTunes after this. Merry Christmas!


* Here is what I mean


5 funniest moments from Batman cartoons!

Though Batman is not my number 1 action hero — my brother already took him so obviously I couldn’t take the same — I have watched too many of his cartoons to not like him. I mean the old Batman cartoons, not the schtick where he becomes a grandpa and mentors teens.

Here are 5 of the funniest moments from the true Batman cartoons. Each under 40 seconds.



I definitely will consider putting this on mine.



Best for last.

Sound of 2011

I know. Long time no see. I just did not feel up to it and also because I had not found any music cool enough. Enter: Jamie Woon!

The BBC released Sound of 2011 with 10 names. He is among the top 5, as are the other two artists here. After listening to almost all of Jamie’s songs so far I’ve decided  Blue Truth is his best. His style mostly revolves around soul and R&B with smooth vocals but Blue Truth lends more from dubstep. This is the best track to introduce the man. What’s more? You can download it for free from his website!

If you like this you can also try a short instrumental of his big early hit Night Air.


James Blake knows what he wants. A real trendsetter (though not sure how many will follow his style). I knew about him before but seeing him on the list reminded me I did not talk about him yet.

Either you like him or you don’t. Nothing in-between. It’s hard to even describe his songs. The album cover image below can give you a hint. Nothing conventional about it. Instead of his vocals it is his totally different production technique and finish that makes him unmistakably standout from the industry. That’s something. Again, the best track to introduce the man is not the super popular Wilhelm Scream but I Only Know (What I Know Now).

Whether you will like him or not, you should definitely give him a try at least once.


Also on the list is Clare Maguire. I see her as a British Katy Perry. So… you decide if you want to click play.

Easy tips on using Google!

Nicely laid out tips on fast and easy ways to use Google for all kinds of searches. You definitely might want to save it for a while because, like me, if you already know some but never use it you’ll forget it all over again. Something like Memento, but less deliberate.

Might not surprise you: this says 70% of students use Mac over Windows. If that’s true, what will happen when these kids become adults? Is Microsoft headed for Chapter 11 fifteen years from now?

Click here or the image to go to the tips. Thanks for the referral, Joseph.