Hate Twitter?

Then take some comfort knowing you are not alone… ridiculously outnumbered, but not alone.

I mean as if Facebook wasn’t bad enough to placate our narcissistic pangs, we have a website devoted to just one fraction of Facebook — its status messages. What else could you fit into “micro blogging” besides how flushed your morning commute just made you feel, or that Grape Nuts is doing squat for your bowel movements. I know you’re lonely and even your cat’s had just about enough of that smell in your apartment, but please, behave like the rest of us normal people and drown the crushing sorrow out with Costco-sized Oreo’s and Ho-Hos in front of the telly. Man-up! Now excuse me as I think of a clever tagline to publicize this post on Twitter.

If I tweeted enough and therefor had more best friends, I’d share this video with every single one of them. SO funny. Thanks to Richard for sharing this vid.


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