Young love singin’

This is what it sounds like when young love sings — free, true, and gushy.

Two pretty romantic songs by The Mostar Diving Club. Though both the titles may seem similar they talk about different stages of louve. Again, might as well save it for Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve to present to your special buddy.

[If romance blows and you’d rather want a carefree song to hum to the next time you go for a walk, or skip stones, Honey Tree is the ticket.]

A scene from Waiting for Forever

The movie the videos are from is also romantic (Waiting for Forever)  but only if you appreciate indie films, because then you are also endowed with patience. Though a bit predictable, the journey of the character to get there keeps you gently engaged. If you’re a cotton ball then maybe even root for him. The film is definitely better than many other romantic movies that come under the tag of romance but add a lot of other unnecessary ingredients.

Now, who else wants to shop for a bowler hat with me?

Worlds Apart

Worlds Collide


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