The love of Ayn Rand

As everyone knows, the opinionated Russian-American writer was a bowl of endless love. Enough unconditional compassion to fill the world. No really, she had so much empathy for even the most downtrodden that she bestowed glowing praise to the works of a sadistic serial killer. Mother Teresa’s got nothin’ on her!

The retinue-loving brunette’s books are still incredibly popular today, in fact second only to God’s perennial bestseller. Now that’s some appeal, although it is limited basically to USA — weird connection between a certain American id and her, you see.

Her heroes from The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged are “a cocktail of extreme self-love and extreme self-pity: They insist they need no one, yet they spend all their time fuming that the masses don’t bow down before their manifest superiority.” More here.

She’s got a following of Greenspan, Reagon, every single US congressman, and tons of Wall Street CEOs. Basically, you either lover her or hate her. And I love her to bits…  just bits.

So does Stephen Colbert!


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