Don’t You Want… more 80s

I know I just posted an 80s song and daring to do another. In my weak defense, that’s how 80s music is, you get one and you just need a few more. Promise no more 80s after this… for a while.

British synth-pop band Human League’s preferred music for Don’t You Want Me didn’t make the album because the producer changed it to something more “poppy”. That didn’t fly with the lead singer who thought the new version was the weakest track in the album so he placed it as the last track on the B-side of the vinyl album. Turned out the song became the band’s biggest hit ever, earning a Gold in US and Platinum in UK. Producers are not always evil, I suppose.

Still, as disgraceful it is to publicly admit (not really) I like Glee’s version better. Definitely a song you can drive to. More emotion in the voices, but they should have eased on the music’s bass. Glee has a tendency to make the music quite techno for its pop/synth-pop covers. Anyway, you decide.

Human League



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