Fighting graffiti with graffiti

It’s always fun to fight as dirty as they make it, like fire with fire, molar for molar, punch with with swift punches below the belt… you get the drift. But its even better when you can make it funny. The graffiti below may prove my point.

But before that, did you know that there are things like comment-coups? At least that’s what I like to call them. People are hired to spam you with disruptive hate comments on forums, blogs, newspaper/amazon/review websites, if you speak out against major interest like corporate taxation, banks, global warming, public health, so on. The difference here is they don’t just type drivel, they pretend to be ordinary ‘outraged’ citizens when they are really just a bunch of guys at a PR firm somewhere. Interesting.

Now, to begin the graffiti wars. Clever responses to some not-so-clever graffiti. Source is here.


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