Latest from Morrison!

I’m so excited — I’ve been actually waiting for this day. James Morrison has released his third album after a gap of more than three years!! The Awakening debuted to a number 1 position on the UK album charts.

He is one extremely talented vocalist. There is pain and strength dripping from his voice, something that only comes from seeing the highs and lows… and he’s 27. The coarse melody of his voice he says is due to a severe case of whooping cough he contracted as a child.

After a tough childhood and days of busking his shot to fame was in 2006 with the hit single You Give Me Something. The first album Undiscovered is pretty self-descriptive — about the joys and travails of discovering new love, obstructions, choices, and youthful determination. It speaks to everyone. Very difficult to find a single unimpressive track on it.

His second 2008’s Songs For You, Truths For Me reflected the maturity he reached. Newly wed and as an expecting father, it talks of the unequivocal love a parent instinctually feels in Fix The World Up For You and Once When I Was Little. A pretty fresh take is talking about how love is hard and not all fun.

The Awakening (despite my best efforts) fell short. The vocals and music did not bind so well, the harmony was not as extraordinary as we’ve come to expect from the man. It just doesn’t completely grab you. But only if you compare it with his other two. On it’s own, it still offers some very distinct Morrison-esque ballads, like the terrific I Won’t Let You Go, even more mature The Awakening, upbeat Slave To The Music, or the fun acoustic version of In My Dreams.

Here’s a side-by-side of the coolest track from this album compared with the (arguably) coolest one from his last album. See which one you like more.


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