French kiss!

Not exactly that one. I mean the one on the cheek. Suppose you enter a party and there are some people you know and some you don’t, do you kiss everyone on the cheek? Twice? Thrice? Frice? =p

Well, not really. Some easy pointers:

  1. If you don’t know someone, shake hands!
  2. If you know them well for a long time, kiss.
  3. If you’re a guy and there’s another guy, make sure you know him really, really well before you lunge.
  4. But never touch lips on cheeks. It’s more of a cheek-to-cheek and you just make a kissing sound.
  5. Most important of all = always offer your right cheek first!!!
In France, the number of kisses change depending on which part you’re visiting. In Paris it’s 4 times! Lucky you. Or not.

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