Dirty little rhyme

In honor of Halloween, I’m putting a little poetry recitation that my brother did for me.


3 Halloween movies that you haven’t heard of

Halloween is fast approaching. Of course we need movies! 

Here is a list of three Halloween movies that you probably have never heard of but should definitely be on your list. They are not gross or too bloody because real terror never is. Real fear is when you can believe the terror you are seeing. Most of today’s (mainstream) horror relies only on screams, guts, and decapitation — so trite. After my extensive trial and test, these three will add to your frightful Halloween.

1. Ils

It’s the original one that Strangers ripped, which completely sucked. Even though it’s in French you won’t have to read much because there is very little conversation, just tight suspense. A newly together couple is terrorized by Ils (Them), all in the span of one night. You will definitely be on the edge of your seat.

2. Vacancy

Perhaps you’ve heard of this one. Again, a couple is terrorized in the span of one night but here it’s inside a motel that has vacancy. Don’t believe the negative reviews. Once it starts, it keeps rolling!

3. Vertige

Again French. Takes more time to develop but it’s setting is what made it work for me: group of friends mountaineering in a restricted zone in Croatia, with something behind them. However, the end is hard to believe. Similar to Wrong Turn but more entertaining.

Note: If I had already seen the very scary Spanish film [rec] then I might have mentioned that instead of the last one.

Also, a video for those interested to know the history of Halloween within 2 minutes!

Happy Samhain > Hallows Eve > Hallow Evening > Halloween

Money or happiness?

The theme of the blog is not about personal stories but I feel I have to share this.

I’m in India right now. The big festive season is going on. Needed some more cash. So yesterday, two guys in their early thirties or late twenties were ahead of me as I was waiting in line to use the ATM. They had some trouble working the system  so they told me to go ahead. I withdrew a relatively sizable amount. Just as I was wondering to offer my help with their own withdrawal, the older of the two asked me to help him out. I did. His withdrawal… well, only as matter-of-fact, was the minimum allowed. That’s about $2. Even by India’s standards that does not go far.

A moment in the city, from my recent trip to Kashmir, India

Of course I keep a straight face. Still, the guy on his own starts to jokingly say that the total balance in his account is $6 and even the $2 was transferred yesterday just for the festivities.  I smile. Then he turns to the guy with him and says now this party is gonna’ be from you tonight. I smile again, wish him happy holidays, and wave goodbye as the shiny sunglasses perched atop my head reflect the afternoon sun and I run off to my gleaming parked car.

I carry on with the tight day but with a post-it in my head telling me to make something of this. So the conclusion was not a breathtaking revelation, we all know it, but to see it personified was very moving. These were simple young men working very hard to make their cut. It’s not a mystery what two bucks can bring yet they were so brimful of enthusiasm and fun… with more genuine comfort than anyone else I had met with that day.

Where does money fit into life?  Little can mean a lot, and a lot can seem little. Happiness is up to you.

Do tourism ads work?

No. But this one does.

I have no idea why the tourism department of any country spends so much to make promotion campaigns when they end-up looking nothing but kitsch, bit vain, and largely a highlight reel that everyone already knows about! So what’s the point?

This one, somehow, succeeds to get the message across. I have certainly not seen much of India but so much genuine fun comes across here. If you’re still undecided, I don’t know what other campaign could make you want to visit India more than this. Full-on backpacker’s dream — in one minute!

Longer, HD version here.


Party song of the year!

So who cares if it was released last year! Since I found it this year, Raise Your Glass is definitely the party song of 2011. I’ve actually been waiting for the ‘right day’ to post this song. Seriously, just hear it!

At first I liked Glee’s smoother version more (the cool video helped) but having grown a bit tried after it played for the 50th time I decided to try the original again. Turns out this is Pink’s best song ever! Big words but true. You will just Have to dance to it. Which one do you like more?

Pink’s super funny video!! (clean track here)

Glee (video here)

Life in images

Today is just a referral to an amazing blog I found minutes ago. It is simple and beautiful. Simply beautiful. The quotes dispersed between the delightful photographs are very apt too. Steve McCurry’s blog. See what I mean.

Coming of Age


Fun and Games around the world

Check him out.

Electric queen

Electric music never looked so stylish! The Irish singer is known for her unique style of electric music fused with enough pop and vocals to make it unlike the rest out there. Some see her as Europe’s answer to Lady Gaga. Well, she’s been playing long before Ms. Gaga had even conceived her moniker, and Róisín Murphy dresses just as… striking, but in a more classy way!

See for yourself. There are few people that can make dancing-without-a-clue look so cool.